Come home to Sweden!

Old house at Södermalm

Can you really go back home?
Of course, you can... to that farm or homestead, where your Swedish family lived and where your grandparents married, in a small country church. We can help you get there, to that little village in Sweden that your family left behind, and walk those streets, where grandpa walked and played as a child, so long ago. 

An experience you'll never forget!
Listening to many of those who went back to Sweden, to the home of those who emigrated, has convinced me of many people's strong need  to reconnect with their past - and remake those ties that were once broken. Going back to that village and that farm could be deeply meaningful to you also.  And even more special: to meet your relatives there!

We'll help you make that trip all you hoped for
My husband, Lonny, and I spent many summers traveling with some of you through Sweden, visiting the places where your ancestors lived. We drove our vans on winding country roads, and arrived at the small cottage where grandpa or grandma lived. We visited old churches, often as old as from the 12th century,  where a grandparent was baptized or great grandparents married. So many moving, exciting, wonderful times with many of you! Not to mention the times we spent with your Swedish relatives, leaning over old photographs, family charts and old letters. Let's not forget all the great meals we shared with your Swedish cousins. Who could forget those Småland cheese cakes... Friendships developed across the ocean and many Swedes later traveled on their own to again visit the Swedish family. 

Lonny and I took a break, but kept missing these wonderful trips with our guests from the USA, from Canada and Great Britain, even from Australia and New Zealand. So we started again, taking those of you who would like to join us to Småland or Uppland or Västergötland.

So if you would like to go, it's time to get started with the preparations:

  • Please send me an email ( with all you know about your Swedish emigrant. I do understand that your information might be sketchy - more about that here.  I will then send you a proposal about what I believe I can do for you. Remember that there is no charge for your first inquiry!
  •  It's important to start your research early so that you can find your Swedish relatives before making detailed plans for your trip. Your relatives might still live in the area where your ancestors lived, perhaps even on the same farm, but they might also have moved to another part of Sweden. Of course, you need to know where they live before planning your trip, so that you can visit them.
  • I'll do the research to find one or more of your Swedish relatives for you and contact them. Since not all Swedes, especially older ones, speak English, I'll try to find a relative you will be able to communicate with.
  • I'll also find the places where your grandparents or great grandparents lived, usually a farm or a small homestead, but it could also be a house in the city. At times there is only a foundation left, but seeing it is also a meaningful experience.

We can take up to 7 people per trip - no more, so that we can give each of you much time and attention. Each trip could take up to one week, or just a few days, all depending upon how many are in our group, and how many places you want to visit.

Plane tickets
Many of you ask me about where and how to buy your plane tickets. It used to be that you bought them from your local travel agent and that was that! You can still do that, of course, but it's more expensive than buying them on the Internet. There are many different sites that sell plane tickets, Yahoo, Expedia and many more.

Some advice when buying from the Internet:

  1. Check out the individual airlines as well as Expedia, Yahoo and many others. Their prices might be quite competitive!
  2. Make sure that the stated price includes all taxes and fees.
  3. Choosing electronic tickets instead of paper ones is usually less expensive. Print out the email you get from the company so that you can show it at the airport.
  4. I guess I don't have to remind you about the necessity of having a passport - but I'll do it anyways, just in case.

Happy travel! Perhaps I'll meet up with you in Sweden next spring, summer or fall.

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